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Hey Ling and Lamb Fam!
-This is your Official Hub for all things Ling and Lamb-

Ling is an American and Lamb is a Nigerian and together they make the Hubby+Wife duo who first became known for their outrageously funny, original content on the globally popular video app; Tiktok, for which they garnered seemingly overnight success having built a strong following of more than 3.9 million on the Tiktok platform alone since the brand's inception in September 2020. Their first video to go viral is of Lamb introducing Ling to one of his Nigerian dishes from back home. The internet quickly took notice of this fun, interesting couple and their audience has been captivated and growing ever since, with a total social following of over 6 million across accounts: Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook and viewed over 2 billion times worldwide. Their original content focuses on their experiential moments learning each other's cultures, pranks, love+relationship advice, and other lifestyle moments/vlogs.


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Lamboginny releases new EP just in time for the summer. This Afrobeats, dance EP is sure to make you dance and enjoy your own private party, no matter where you are...

Download Lamboginny's *NEW* EP, "Private Party Vol. 1" here

Ling and Lamb were interviewed by CNN Digital for their January 2023 article regarding TikTok and the culture the World has now found themselves with the app. Read the intriguing full article here

CNN January Feature

Ling and Lamb in partnership with Walmart, announce the launch of the Walmart Creator Program. Watch more and click here to sign up!

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