Taccara's Tiaras have finally dropped in style 1.0 !!! This is the headband you didn't know you needed. The best thing about these blingy statement pieces... you can literally wear them with anything!



Padded headband

Thick Headband

Sewn from high quality velvet and sewn by hand.

The advantages of padded velvet is the key to avoiding the "headband headache", which is the primary reason that we made this headband.


*Taccara's Style Tip* wear your Tiara with your sweats, jeans, dresses, sexy sexy or bummy bunny- you will be OBSESSED with these headbands! xo T


*CARE FOR TIARA* Please be very careful when storing your Taccara's Tiara to avoid damage to the jewels. xo

Taccara's Tiaras 1.0

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